Peace Counts Project

On this English site we provide the core information of the Peace Counts project, brief information about modules of our program like „Peace Counts on Tour“ and materials in English language you can download. For further information please contact [email protected]


    Peace Counts on Tour is an international programme combining exhibition, educational seminars and journalism in a unique way. The knowledge about solutions for peace collected worldwide is made available in conflict regions with partners like teachers, media representatives and non-governmental organisations who act as multipliers. Read more


    In terms of a modern and daily usable peace education the Peace Counts School project is based on the belief that it’s important to offer role models for peace especially to children and youngsters. Read more


    Peace Counts sends reporters and photographers to areas that are or have been affected by conflict. They report on successful peacemakers and their methods and focus on possible solutions of violent conflicts. Their inspiring stories are published in newspapers, quality magazines, radio, television and online. Read more


    Journalists in sensitive regions are trained by the Peace Counts team in order to improve their professional skills and to sharpen their focus on the issues of civil society, particularly on local peacemakers and initiatives for positive social change. A special branch of this approach is the Studio Mozaik in the Ivory Coast. Read more


    In this section we give open access to materials in English language like posters, feature stories and educational material. Read more


    In this section we introduce the people and the institution of Peace Counts: Who operates, who carries and who supports this project? Read more