In this section we provide open access to materials in English language like feature stories, podcasts, posters and educational material.

Feature Stories (PDF-Size between 60 and 100 KB)

Brazil: Vivario – long live the favela!
Colombia: Dealing with the Devil
Colombia: Mateo chooses Life
Egypt: New Life for an old Tradition
Israel: God Lives Between the Front Lines
Jordan: Rivulet in the Garden of the Lord
Libya: Flashbacks in Tripoli
Macedonia: Elena mediates
Mali: The Return of the Desert Knights
Mostar: A Bridge for Schizopolis
Nigeria: “Peace is Divine”
Northern Ireland: The Cold Peace
Peace Boat: Brass Tacks on the Open Sea
Philippines: Peace Zones
Rwanda: Reconciliation after the Genocide
School for Peace: Neve Shalom
South Africa: Jailhouse Rock
Sri Lanka: Singham and the Northern Reconstruction
Thailand: Gothom’s March for Peace

Podcasts of some Reports (MP3-Size between 4 and 7 MB)

Afghanistan: Crime Scene - Kabul
Colombia: Balls Instead of Revolvers
Japan: The Freedom of the Seas
Macedonia: Elena Mediates
Mali: The Knights of the Desert
Middle East: God Lives Between the Frontlines
Northern Ireland: Two Ex-Terrorists and the Cold Peace
Philippines: Islands of Peace
South Africa: Bad Guys Soft Spoken
Sri Lanka: Mr. Narasingham Goes North

Education and Multimedia Material for Download and Sale from the Berghof Foundation

Peace Counts Learning Package (30 Euro plus mailing expenses)
Peace Counts Learning Manual (free download - PDF: 970 KB)
DVD Peace Counts on Tour (10 Euro plus mailing expenses)
Series of 23 Posters with Peace Counts Stories (20 Euro plus mailing expenses)