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Peace Counts on Tour brings the exhibition “Peacebuilders around the World“ to conflict regions. The best-practice examples of successful peacebuilders inspire people to take action for peace in their own region or country.

The exhibition is accompanied by a training programme, which uses specifically adapted multimedia materials and the proven Peace Counts Learning Package. The workshop methodology centres on learning from biographies and visualization as a means to foster critical engagement with the essential topics, namely, conflict, violence and peace. Furthermore, it strongly focuses on participants and dialogue.

The training programme is designed for multipliers working in the educational, media or peacebuilding sector. It aims at strengthening their identity as peacebuilders and encourages them to work towards peaceful solutions for violent conflicts. During the workshops, participants are introduced to a variety of peace education methods. Many of them go on to integrate these approaches into their own working environment. Thus, they reuse or adapt the educational materials distributed during the training in their own educational work.

Over the years the Berghof Foundation established sustainable cooperation with a number of our local and regional partners opening new perspectives and opportunities for follow-up trainings.

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Some of our local and regional partners are
● Jordan: Theodor-Schneller Educational Training Centre, Amman
● South Caucasus: Young Facilitators (Georgian section, Abkhaz section), World Without Violence (Abkhazia)
● Iran: Teheran Peace Museum, Teheran
● India

Since 2007, the Peace Counts training programme has travelled to countries on four continents: Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Ivory Coast, Philippines, Russia, India, Colombia, Jordan, Afghanistan and the South Caucasus.

Peace Counts on Tour is a project of Berghof Foundation Peace Education Tübingen in cooperation with Culture Counts Foundation and Zeitenspiegel Reportagen.

Peace Counts on Tour is supported by the ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) with funds provided by the German Federal Foreign Office.

For further details you may order the DVD Peace Counts on Tour (10 Euro plus mailing expenses) and/or the Series of 23 Posters with Peace Counts Stories on DVD (20 Euro plus mailing expenses) from the Berghof Foundation.