The Peace Counts School project builds on the idea that providing role models for peace is particularly relevant for children and youth according to modern peace education which meets everyday problems.

Fascinating reportages provide such role models. The discussion and reflection of conditions for peace in workshops aim at encouraging children and youths to take on responsibility for their environment and liability for their fellows, and to become active in promoting peace and understanding between peoples.

A central element of the project was the conceptualization and development of the didactic exhibition ‘Peace Counts: Peacebuilders Around the World’, its accompanying educational program and didactic material. At the very heart of the project is the realization of the accompanying program for schools and groups of young people. Both, the exhibition and the accompanying educational program increase the visibility of successful projects and actors in peacebuilding. Furthermore, they raise fundamental questions on how to deal with conflict and violence aside from the school setting and provide a set of exemplary answers. Additionally, they stimulate interest for obtaining further information as well as for possibilities of personal engagement.

The educational program is conceptualized as a peer-learning experience with specifically qualified students as facilitators. Over the years it has been adapted and rework to integrate new reportages and topics.
To date, hundreds of school classes and thousands of pupils have visited the exhibition and participated in the educational program in more than 15 cities all over Germany.

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The learning program for pupils aims at:

● Sensitizing to violence, identifying and naming violence, and showing through concrete examples and experiences how violence can be prevented or stopped,

● Illustrating when and how conflicts escalate, visualizing possibilities for de-escalation and constructive conflict resolution by employing examples,

● Demonstrating essential elements of peace processes and specific characteristics of peacebuilders,

● Uncovering how media cover peace and war and showing what characterizes constructive peace journalism.

Peace Counts School is a project of Berghof Foundation Peace Education Tübingen in cooperation with Culture Counts Foundation and Zeitenspiegel Reportagen.

Peace Counts School has been supported by Robert Bosch Stiftung.

For further information you may order the Peace Counts Learning Package (30 Euro plus mailing expenses) and/or download the Peace Counts Learning Manual (PDF with 970 KB for free) from the Berghof Foundation.